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This DNS Speed Test tool operates client-side, directly testing DNS servers from your local environment to ensure accurate real-world results. It supports DNS over HTTPS (DoH), enhancing privacy and security by encrypting DNS requests and responses.

Local network conditions like latency and bandwidth can influence DNS speed test results. Our tool measures DNS resolution speed from your current location and network environment, offering a personalized performance assessment.

Warm-Up Phase: To ensure the most accurate results, our tool initiates a warm-up phase before the actual DNS speed test. This phase prepares the DNS servers and stabilizes network conditions, which is crucial for consistent and reliable measurements. Please note that this process adds a short additional delay to the total test duration, contributing to the overall accuracy of the test results.

Note on Result Accuracy: Factors such as browser processing and network variability can affect test results, potentially causing discrepancies compared to other methods. For example, browser-based tests might show different timings due to overheads like HTTP(S) request handling. We recommend conducting multiple tests under various conditions for a more comprehensive evaluation.

Our tool's strength lies in its comprehensive range of DNS servers and user-friendly interface, suitable for both technical and non-technical users. While we strive for accuracy, the results are indicative and should be used as a guide to help users choose the best DNS server options based on relative performance in their specific conditions.